Chris Richey

During my almost ten years living in the Delta, I have grown to love this region of the state. Therefore, I have a heartfelt concern that our area be represented well in Little Rock. With the unique challenges the Delta faces in areas such as health care, education and economic development, we cannot afford inadequate representation. The message I want to communicate in Little Rock is simple. The AR Delta is not a problem for our state to continually  put aside. Instead, it is an asset to be treasured and a resource to be developed. 

I believe I have the necessary knowledge and skill set to be an effective Representative. I have the ability to analyze the many complex issues facing both our state and region, reach logical and helpful conclusions and help implement solutions. But the primary reason I believe I am the best person to represent District 12 is my ability to relate with a diverse group of people. I respect and have friendships with people all along the racial and socio-economic spectrums of our community. I am not beholden to any particular group or cause and I enjoy dialogue with those who come from different backgrounds or have different perspectives than my own. That is why I think I have a unique ability to represent the diversity of this area and not just one particular group or agenda.


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